Types of Glitter


Glitter, reading this name, gives us shimmers and shines. But do you know that there are many types of glitter? Each one has its own use and speciality. You must be aware of glitters and their use before making a purchase. Some are removable, and some are not. We are here to help you.


You will see a wide range of glitters in the market. They range from type to type and price to price. Some are for crafts while others are for makeovers etc. You must not use crafts glitter for the body. This is because they are metallic and cause injury to your body. So, be careful before choosing glitter.


Not even the metallic glitters, but if your glitters are made up of PVC or PET, it is also not recommended for your body. So, be sure you are not using glitters made up of hard plastics. If you want to apply glitters to your body. Then make sure that it is good for your body. Such types of glitters are called cosmetic glitters, and they are already specified.


Metallic Glitters


If you want a perfect glitter for body art and want to do a makeover on your skin, then these are the top-recommended ones. Most people think they are made up of metals. That's why we call them metallic. But there is another thing to know. They have a metallic shine that why they are called metallic.

There are different metallic glitter powders, and they come in vibrant and shiny colours. They have a sticky texture that is especially meant for body art.


Holographic Glitters


Suppose you want to make your look prominent and more glamourous. Then you must try buying these glitters, and they are also known as glamour glitter. Why? This is because, when the light is reflected upon them, they give a shiny and glamorous look. There are almost four colours. If you mix half of the holographic glitters and half-metallic glitters, then you will have the most amazing look that will catch everyone's attention.


Iridescent Glitters


Unicorn themes and rainbow shades are becoming common day by day. If you want a rainbow shade or have a cute and smooth glittery touch, then these glitters are made for you. But there is the main problem; they are not that prominent.

For a prominent look, add a bit of metallic and holographic glitters in these glitters before applying. You will have the best shades that you ever wanted.


What Things Must I Look?


You must not only look at glitter types before buying them. But you have to make sure for what purpose you want to buy. For this purpose, you have to check the texture and size of particles too. But how this can be possible? We are not only here to sell you but also to help you. We will help you choose the perfect glitter that you will need for your cosmetics. We will give you honest ideas and will tell you what will go for your brand. So, contact us for support and help.