"Your one stop shop for all your beauty brand needs"


A brand that provides quality cosmetic and personal care products at a sustainable cost. We offer custom formulations, private labeling and bulk product purchasing. Whether you'd like to create a cosmetic product from scratch or purchase one of our already amazing formulations for your brand, we are equipped to provide these services to you. We carry an array of organic, vegan and natural cosmetic products. Each product is professionally made by our in house cosmetic chemist/formulator. We make products according to FDA regulations. We help our partners cut out the middle man and serve them from the lab to the shelf. Working with us helps you not only be hands on with your brand but offers our clients the ability to be confident in their products, formulation and the overall quality of each item purchased. 

We strive to leave each business partner with a great product experience and/or an increase in their company sales. With clear communication, we have built great partnerships with brands all over the world. "Come and partner with us to see the greatest difference in not only your products but as well in product profits."


Where are we located?



Where do we ship?

We ship worldwide[ Some items are however restricted in some countries based upon the ingredients used. This is to assure we are in compliance with each countries FDA and/or cosmetic regulations standard]


 What do we sale?

We sale a variety of premade and custom cosmetics products, as well as private label services.


Who is behind the brand?

Our brand is family owned company and spear headed by the founder and head cosmetic chemist Brigitte. We pride ourselves in clear communication, transparent formulations, and treating each client with attention and understanding. We put our all into formulating each product with a passion for making cosmetics and growing brands. We are grateful for each and business that has allowed us to contribute to their growth and success thus far. And we look forward to the many more brands that we will work with in the future.