DIY Lip Gloss Kit

DIY Lip Gloss Kit

Lip glosses are important cosmetic products that can turn your dry unrefined lips into beautiful and soft ones. A variety of colors can be used to make your lips glow for getting confidence. Whether you want a no-makeup look or a sparkling highly defined one, lip glosses never disappoint you.

Vegan lip glosses are also in demand as people are turning to be more sophisticated vegans. Many stores claim to offer you 100% original vegan lip glosses but your insecure nature doesn't allow you to settle for those. You might be thinking to make your DIY vegan lip gloss. If yes then we can help you through this.

Read the article carefully to get to know about what you need for its making and from where you can get all its ingredients.

What things are needed to make DIY lip gloss?

Carrier oils

As lip glosses keep your lips hydrated and protect them from dryness therefore oils are the main ingredients. You can choose any of the carrier oil according to their benefits and flavors for your DIY Lip gloss.

Lip gloss Base

Lip gloss base is another ingredient that is essential for DIY lip glosses. You can take beeswax, grated paraffin, or pearls as a lip gloss base. These are highly efficient ingredients for making your lips hydrated and beautiful with or without lipstick. So choose the one wisely.


Lip glosses are supposed to transform your unrefined and dry lips into beautiful, hydrated, and soft lips. Butters does a good job in all this. You can choose shea butter or cocoa butter for your DIY lip gloss. It's a total option. If you want more good results then you should surely use these.


Adding colors to your lip gloss is your choice. You can take make a colorless lip gloss to just add shine or add colors to it. Usually, food colors are used in DIY lip gloss. Apart from this, beet juice is the best natural alternative for adding color to your lip gloss.

Storing containers

After preparing your DIY lip gloss your next task is to store it. A bigger container is used for storing a whole lip gloss while small containers can be used for using the gloss on your lips. If you are making a DIY Lip gloss then you better know about these containers too.

How to make DIY lip gloss?

After collecting all the ingredients, it is easy to make a lip gloss now. First, melt the beeswax in the microwave. Then add the essential oils and flavors to that base wax. After that, add your favorite color to the prepared solution. Stir the mixture well with sticks. Pour the prepared mixture into a large container and then transfer these to tubes.

Your DIY lip gloss is ready to use.


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