I ordered before the holiday and my item has still not arrived. What should I do??

In this case check your tracking number to assure accuracy. Then head over to that shipping carries website to track your item. Once you have tracked your item, details of where your package currently is will show. At this time the carrier will tell you if the item is going to deliver late(you may also need to call that said shipping carrier for more details). The next step would be to simply wait for delivery.

Holidays season from around Thanksgiving through new years eve is a very busy time for shipping carriers. Local carriers such at USPS tend to have longer delays than their counterparts FEDEX and UPS. With this in mind they have full control on when they are able to deliver your package. We are not aware of when they can deliver so the only option present is to call them and ask if you can come pick up your item instead or you again must wait until they have enough staff etc to deliver your package.

We will not refund items do to late delivery. Late delivery is not our company fault rather it is the shipping company responsibility.

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Why was my order canceled?

There are a few reasons for a canceled item. One reason is our team is unable to ship a item in the time frame presented, unable to ship the item due to out of stock and/or damaged inventory and if a customers address is not able to be recognized by the shipping carrier(which can result in a lost item).
In these cases your item will be canceled in which you shall receive a full refund return to your original payment source in 4-6 business days according to Etsy refund policy.

Another reason for cancelation would be if a customer has not answered back our service team regarding shipping errors with 5 days.

Also if a free shipping item exceeded to cost of the item purchased. This simply means due to our free shipping policy if your international cost exceeds our $60 cap for shipping then your item can not be shipped.

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Is Versagel Returnable for a refund?

Versagel is considered a perishable item. Before it leaves our warehouse it goes through vigorous safety testing to assure customers safety and cosmetic standard assurance. Once it leaves our warehouse we can not accept returns. This is to protect the integrity of the item and our team. We do not accept returns of any kind with versagel and other perishable items.

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I am missing some of my order/ broken item what should I do?

Hello Dolls,

If you received your order and something is missing and/or broken you have up to 2 days of your delivered item to provide photo evidence of this occurrence.
After 2 days of delivered items we can not accept claims of such issue.

Once proof is provided within our 2 day policy time frame, our team will reship this missing/broken pieces.

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Can I get a refund on Lost items?

We are sorry to hear your item is lost. In the case of lost items you must first contact the shipping company to confirm the item is indeed lost. Next gather proof of lost item from shipping company then contact our team customerservice@bbbwholesalellc.com

********An item is not lost if it is tracking! We can not refund tracking items. Buyer must wait for order to deliver even if it arrives late by shipping company.*************************

Once we are presented proof of lost item we can only refund the item cost. We are unable to give full refunds. We can not give full refunds including the shipping cost because carriers do not give that money back to us even in the case that they lost the item. Shipping cost are non-refundable with no exceptions. This is beyond our control. Customer must provide proof of lost item before receiving their partial refund.

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What to do if my item is tracking but has not delivered?

We are sorry to hear your item has not arrived on time by your chosen carrier. You will need to contact the shipping company and give them your tracking details and ask them about the delay.

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